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Dont want your real URL to be seen forever or recorded in forum or mail/chat log? Temporary short expiring URL links can be made here. No fee or Ad before redirect!

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⚠️ Please note: The click count is based on individual browsers and the visitor will be redirected to the original URL until his browser cache is cleared. This site will use Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity to check and monitor the user experience. The data such as your browser and device info will be collected and accessed by the webmasters for a short amount of time. The data won't be sold to third-party. Google and Microsoft will have access to such data.
We want our links to be safe and secure for everyone. So please follow the below rules carefully. By using our website, you agree to these rules.
⛔ Rules: You should not create links for illegal materials or content related to drugs, weapons, infringes copyrights of others, explicit materials, sells counterfeit products, promoting hate groups and racism, content advocating suicide or self-harm; threatening someone or calling for the attack of another person; promoting violence against others; content made by or in support of terrorist groups, content related to animal cruelty, content attempting to steal personal information using techniques like phishing & fake login pages. The receiver of the link should be notified that it is an expiry link. You should post the links only on places where it is allowed. You shouldn't create links for other short URL services especially the ones which contains ads before redirection. This website is free of charge and doesn't contain any ads. These rules can be updated without any prior notice.
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